Health and Fitness DNA Testing

DNA testing is the future of fitness

What is your #DNA story?

23 pairs of chromosomes.

One unique you

You are made of cells. And the cells in your body have 23 pairs of chromosomes. Your chromosomes are made of DNA, which can tell you a lot about you




Wellness reports

When it comes to your wellbeing, your DNA is one part of the story that also includes your environment and lifestyle.
Find out how your DNA relates to your caffeine consumption, lactose digestion and your muscle type.
Reports include
Deep Sleep
Lactose Intolerance
Genetic Weight

Where in the world is your DNA from?

Your DNA can tell you where your ancestors lived more than 500 years ago. Explore your ancestry's breakdown by region, including East Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and Europe, with results becoming more refined as our database continues to grow.

How your DNA becomes a report.

Human DNA is about 99.5% identical from person to person. However, there are small differences that make each person unique. These differences are called variants.
Your DNA was passed down from your parents-and their parents and so on. Variants can be linked to certain health conditions, traits and ancestry groups.
Your saliva contains DNA from cells in your mouth. We send you a saliva collection kit and instructions for providing your sample.
Our CLIA-certified lab extracts DNA from cells in your saliva sample. Then the lab processes the DNA on a genotyping chip that reads hundreds of thousands of variants in your genome.
Your genetic data is analysed, and we generate your personalised reports based on well-established scientific and medical research.

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