Bowflex MAX Trainer M5

Achieve maximum calorie burn in faster time with the Bowflex MAX Trainer M5. Feature-packed, the M5 features 9 workouts including the ground-breaking 14-minute MAX Interval™, 16 electronic resistance levels and contact heart rate.
The MAX Trainer M5 is the most feature-rich Bowflex MAX Trainer for the home. Innovatively designed, it delivers a no impact training platform, whilst packing in the challenge with 16 electronically adjustable resistance levels. Easy to adjust, you get an incredibly effective, calorie-scorching workout, whilst going easy on your joints.
Bowflex MAX Trainer M5
The premium handlebars provide excellent workout versatility with various positions. Activating up to 80% more core and upper body muscles than an elliptical, it brings you smarter training.
Designed to maximise your training, the MAX Trainer M5 features 9 engaging workouts. This includes the breakthrough 14-minute MAX Interval™ workout. Designed for ultimate calorie burn in quick-speed time, this revolutionary programme uses intervals to keep your body guessing. The result is increased calorie burn - up to 2.5 times more burned every minute compared to treadmills, steppers and ellipticals. With other programmes including Fat Burn, Stairs, Calorie Goal and more, there's plenty to keep you engaged.
The interactive blue backlit display feeds back all your key workout stats. You can see your time, speed, distance, calories burned and heart rate thanks to contact handlebar sensors (chest strap included). Plus, thanks to Bluetooth Smart Technology, you can sync to the free Max Trainer App™ for even better workout tracking.
With a very slim footprint, the MAX Trainer M5 is ideal for the home too. It fits compactly into virtually any room in the house!

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